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The schedule designed for cars operating in harsh conditions involves more frequent tune-ups, oil changes, and preventative diagnostic exams.Most people follow these schedules for their autos faithfully; why do we refuse to maintain our personal health? We make sure our outside persona gives the appearance that we are fine.The first step in most 12-step programs is to admit that one is powerless over the addiction.This means that on their own power, they are unable to stop their errant behavior.One of the primary assistants in the addict’s community of caregivers is a trained professional who can help unlock the deeper reasons why the individual is seeking solace in his addiction.Getting healthy is the most important goal for a person, whether the problem is major or minor.Like the dentist, much of our resistance to going to a therapist is based on misunderstandings.If these were cleared up, I’m convinced that a much larger portion of our society would get some basic counseling help … Let’s examine some of the common barriers that keep people from seeking counseling.

There is something stoic and resilient about humans; we want to prove ourselves, we want to overcome.We are convinced that because our vehicle is still moving forward, we are just fine. Some of the healthiest people I have ever met are recovering addicts. They know they have been wounded through their own actions and the actions of others.They differ from others in that they took that knowledge of their woundedness and used it to transform their lives.The good news is that our society is beginning to see the value of professional counseling.More and more people are using the services of licensed therapists for a variety of reasons, many of them involving life experiences common to all of us.

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