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The first half of the report discussed Achene's performance as it related to three California Standards for the Teaching Profession.

Under “Standard One: Engages and Supports All Students in Learning,” Kaelin noted that Achene used “direct instruction” to guide students through a story, and that students were required to work in pairs, taking turns reading the story and sharing their findings.

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At no point during that discussion did Kaelin tell Achene that her performance was unsatisfactory.The report following the October 19 observation was attached to the statement of charges of December 8, 2006.Achene viewed Kaelin's assessment as “satisfactory” and concluded that she needed to work on pacing (the speed at which a lesson is delivered) and controlling her emotions.He emphasized the importance of putting together simple classroom rules and procedures and provided Achene with “two or three papers that had different rules on them․” Achene discussed the rules with Chaplin that evening, and over the weekend, created a list of rules on a poster board, which she reviewed with her students and hung in her classroom.After the meeting, Kaelin prepared a one and one-quarter page written report, which he provided to Achene on October 31, 2006.

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