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Probably most of people (normal people) would think you are wearing women's perfume. The oriental spicy is a genre that can be very tricky in finding a scent that has real balance.I'm really glad and happy i finally tried this one, since the begining of my obsession in this olfactory world, I did read so many reviews about how unique and wonderful this fragrance is. Too often these types of fragrances can vary in either being too sweet or too spicy.

I don't know how else to describe it, but it's absolutely stunning. But it doesnt fit in the nowadays masculine concept.

Yea I know I know that scent shouldn’t be limited to a subgroup but I just feel it’s too Mature for youngsters. On the contrary It would be very polarising in younger females. This is the review of EDP By the way about the name ( I’ve been to Jaipur a few times) Lovely historical city Edge of desert country in rajasthan, can get very hot.

It’s a royal city and the name of frag kinda suits it.

It’s not a heavy projector but it is leaving a heavy scent trail. It is a lovely scent but I see this scent being spared for only special more formal occasions. The EDT Version: Timeless clean cinnamon/vanilla baby powder scent. Just to say this is a kind i dont see getting out date at anytime soon. I cant help but noticing it has a big similarity With bogart pour homme at the tonca Rose citrus combination that has the charry effect And on top of that they add the spices butifully. This means that it remains a beautiful scent that I'd happily buy it again.

Although I personally love this scent I also see not everyone liking this as much as I do. At the dry down the similarity brakes And the cinamon and ceder is then takes this to be the Masterpiece that it is. The longevity is wonderful fortunately, the sillage and the projection are a little different in my opinion.

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