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He is now the team's director of player development.

It helped them to deal with insecurities as men (which apparently is common in the hothouse atmosphere of fraternities).The year 2006 was the significant one for her as she broke the record of Katie Smith's league records.Finally, Taurasi reached the WNBA playoffs in 2007 eliminating the Seattle Storm in two games.To be fair, there is a heavy Christian atmosphere to sports in America.Many of these women are brought up in that and it has led to some serious repression. Her Mom was so anti-lesbian that when Sheryl wanted to go to Texas her mother insisted she go to Texas Tech instead. Because her Mom heard rumors about lesbianism at the school. Well many female coaches are not only repressed lesbians (causing anti-lesbian feelings based in self loating) themselves but know the parents of possible players are homophobic (but aware their daughters may be lesbians and don't want them to be). p...3¬ Found=true Several of the players below did not come out to friends until later.

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