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In today’s digital world some hiring managers choose to conduct preliminary interviews by phone.Phone interviews can be challenging as you're not physically in the room with your interviewer and in some cases, you have to work even harder to stand out. Dressing as you would for any other interview will put you in the right mindset. It is important to create a setting similar to as you would be sitting in front of the hiring manager.It may seem obvious, but in the midst of delivering an answer, it can be easy to forget that you're sitting in front of a camera.Learn more Once you've completed your interview preparation, the next step is to ace the job interview itself.Organisations look to hire people with similar values to those of the company culture.Researching the company before an interview will give you an insight into the organisation's future goals and plans and being able to discuss these points will make you seem like a long-term investment to your future employer.

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression during your job interview, so having a well-prepared plan is vitally important to increase your chances of landing that dream job.

The morning of the interview, check the traffic reports and have a backup route planned just in case.

If you are travelling by train or bus, make sure you check the weather report the night before and keep an eye on the public transport websites for any delays.

Interview preparation is the key to success and a well-polished presentation can give you an edge over others whose credentials might just be better than yours.

You’ve received a call for that dream job, so how do you prepare for the interview?

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