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The next step is to actually flash the custom ROM onto your device.Once the file for the ROM is downloaded from the Internet and uploaded onto your phone’s storage via USB cable, you’ll need to turn off your phone and then turn it on to boot into the recovery.Some devices, like the Nexus and Galaxy phones, are highly supported thanks to a lot of popularity and developer interest, but more obscure phones might be more difficult to find ROMs for.While this may seem overwhelming at first, you’ll quickly find that it’s a vibrant community built around tweaking Android phones.In my opinion, installing the new recovery is the hardest part.Once you’re past this step you’ll have an easier time.

Once the ROM and GApps have both been glashed, reboot the device normally and it should load your custom ROM. If you did everything according to the provided instructions, you should be running your custom ROM without any problems.For most devices, this means holding Power Volume Down at the same time, but a quick Google search for your device should let you know what your button combination is.Once the recovery has loaded, you’ll need to navigate its menus to wipe the phone and then flash the file onto the device.Have you installed a custom ROM on an Android device?What is something people new to ROM flashing should be aware of?

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