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According to a second reference, the word “brand” “…dates back to the Middle Ages and earlier, when ‘brand’ meant ‘flame or torch’ as it does in the still current phrase ‘snatching a ‘brand’ from the burning.’ The description ‘brand-new’ in those days was applied to products – usually made of metal – newly taken from the flames in which they were molded.” (.It is chiefly southern Appalachian and can mean self-assertive, headstrong, foppish, overbearing. A visitor to this page -- Lesa, whose family is from Union, W. -- reports that her family used "bungfuzzled" to mean "completely confused about something."Cherry Creek dip is a section of road in Raleigh County.

She said, "It's comin' up a storm." Spoken like a true West Virginian.

I can't believe that you people are hiding behind a computer trash talking Tre!!!

That girl friend of his is just a bad person and a bad influence on little Tre.

Clean off the graveyard and place flowers and other decorations on the graves. The men mowed and the women decorated the graves and assembled a picnic lunch.

The children played but were cautioned to never step on the graves. (I took my first baby step in Smith Cemetery while my family was decorating the graves.

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