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There might be a deadlock, or the program might not have responded to the server initialization code within the timeout period of two minutes". If the component GUID is: 3D14228D-FBE1-11D0-995D-00C04FD919C1, the event appears according to Microsoft when you try to browse Active Server Pages (ASP) pages. I removed Windows Messenger and I have not seen the DCOM error". I traced the problem back to dodgy registry permissions.

Fix: Re-register the scripting engine with the following command: "regsvr32 c:\winnt\system32\scrrun.dll". To resolve this issue, I had to stop and disable the WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) service.The article refers to Windows 2000, but the solution worked well on Windows XP also.- GUID: - A newsgroup post suggests that this is related to the HPBPRO. The way to solve this is to either remove the toolbox program or upgrade to version 1.048.0 or newer.Even with 5 minutes per server (to check the logs and other parameters), it may take an hour to make sure that everything is ok and no "red lights" are blinking on any of the servers. I was getting numerous events for various GUIDs on startup and at random times after startup on a Windows XP machine.As per Microsoft: "The Component Object Model (COM) infrastructure tried to start the named server; however, the server did not reply within the required timeout period. From a newsgroup post: "I think my DCOM problem was caused by a combination of Windows Messenger and Outlook Express. The wide variety of GUIDs pointed to a problem with DCOM rather than the individual GUIDs.

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